Is Your Internet Explorer Is Not Working Smoothly?

Internet Explorer is quite easy but it does not mean that it is error free and can’t face technical issues. Internet explorer is the most user-friendly browser among the other more overriding browser but Internet Explorer doesn’t need the technical intelligence to operate or browse on the internet. But the web explorer has its own practical flaws and bugs are typical to resolve for getting user-friendly access to the browsing experience without contact internet explorer browser support 

Troubleshooting Errors of Internet Explorer are:

  • Windows Installation and update problems
  • Explorer Errors and crashing
  • Web page support display bugs
  • Software complexity
  • Compatibility issues
  • Android based issues
  • Uninstallation problem
  • Scripting Errors


To remove the script errors follow as

Method 1

  • Start Internet explorer.
  • On the Tools in the menu click on the Internet Options.
  • After this select the security in the Internet Options.
  • Now click on the Default level and select Ok.

Method 2

Remove all the temporary files from Internet Explorer by following these steps.

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • Then in the Tools from the menu click on the Internet Options.
  • Click on the General tab.
  • Then click on the delete in the Browsing History.
  • From Delete Browsing history dialog box, click on the following and start deleting them.
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Cookies
  • History
  • After that close and then click on OK to close the Internet Options.

Fix Internet Explorer Problem of Stopped Working  by following steps

If messages occur again and again stats “Internet explorer has stopped working”. The extra tools, add-ons, extensions and some security settings that’s is against the iexplore.exe files which is one of the many reason for this message to come

  • Start internet Explorer & click on the tool menu
  • Choose Internet Options
  • After this click on the advanced tab
  • Now click on the ‘Reset’ Button and get another box, select the ‘Delete Personal Settings’ and click on Reset button.

After performing these methods if still face problem of internet explorer not working, installing latest version of internet explorer occur frequently then the only work you have to do is to just call Internet explorer customer service number 1-844-305-0563 to repair internet explorer and get in touch with online tech customer support experts and get solution to your problem in very less time.


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